Do you have motorcycle accident insurance?

Aflac Specialized Insurance Products to serve your active living

It’s all fun and games…. until someone gets hurt!

Take the usual precautions:

  • Start the day with an equipment check
  • Wear your safety gear.
  • Ride the course being aware of others around you.

But in the event you or a family member does have an accident, ride with the added peace of mind that your family will be able to afford to pay for quality emergency response and transportation to an emergency room for treatment.

With the Aflac Personal Accident Indemnity* plan, for as little as $36.20 per month, you can mount up and ride worry free. Enjoy the active California sports and recreational activities knowing the “Duck” is part of your financial team.

Before you head to the racetrack, start your day with a new sense of financial peace of mind.

To select the plan that is just right for you, use our contact page to initiate the process. Then, enjoy your next day at the motocross track with peace of mind.